About Us

DRS was founded to provide the ever burgeoning Long Island and surrounding Jewish communities with a boys yeshiva high school dedicated to the Torah ideals and high academic standards that have become synonymous with HALB institutions.
We have created a warm, nurturing and academically stimulating environment for the religious, intellectual and personal growth of each student. Our curriculum engages the students’ minds and challenges them to master textual skills and logical reasoning. By hiring caring, dynamic, charismatic rabbeim and general studies faculty, we not only convey knowledge to our students, but inspire a love of learning. Torah study should become a vital part of each talmid’s future, formally in a post high school yeshiva and throughout his life.
To make the educational experience come alive, our yeshiva combines academic excellence and rigor in both Judaic and General Studies with an exciting array of innovative co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The yeshiva is a pulsating central hub of each talmid’s life, a place to work hard and at the same time enjoy the company of friends and teachers in an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect.  Mentchlachkeit, love of every Jew, as well as commitment to one’s community and to Am Yisrael in general, are essential components of each talmid’s world view.  In this context, focus on Medinat Yisrael as the spiritual heart of our people is of primary importance.
Teaching the proper seriousness and concentration needed for davening are indispensible elements of our religious educational philosophy. Strong curricular emphasis is placed on teaching midot as well. Chessed, empathy, humility, respect and gratitude are topics tackled in midot programs as well as mussar study, in order to round out the complete DRS Yeshiva High School ben torah.